Piney Syrup, A Summertime Refresher

It all starts with the new growth on a conifer. The type of tree isn’t important, as all of them have strong, piney resins that can flavor a syrup.

First, collect the new growth; I made a small batch, so only needed about 1/2 Cup. After a thorough rinsing, boil the needles (including the stem) in water until somewhat reduced.

Add sugar to the boiling liquid to make a syrup, using approximately 1 Cup of sugar for 2 Cups of water and 1/2 Cup of needles. Stir until dissolved and remove from heat, then let cool, and strain into a glass container. This was the only container I had for such a small amount of syrup, but it actually worked very well, allowing us to ‘shake’ as much or as little as we wanted into a drink.

Here it is, as an addition to a Ginger Ale and Bourbon cocktail. The flavor is subtle, a little astringent, piney pungent. Update: The next night I tried bourbon, pine syrup, and mineral water, and liked it a lot more–less sweet, more pine-savory!

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