Snow Day, February 2019

It’s cold in here!

Who expected 6 inches (maybe more) of snow in February? Not me–but it’s so beautiful, and so tempting to curl up in a chair by the fire and read. But what’s going on outside?

And what do you do when housebound in the snow? Besides prowling from room to room, staring at the snowfall, waiting for the power to flicker out, stopping work every ten minutes to mess with a puzzle, finding a little alone time by plugging in to an iPod, planning dinner (nothing in the crock pot, in case we lose power!), suddenly feeling as if there’s nothing to watch, vowing to get on the treadmill after attending to just one more thing, getting lanterns at hand and charging everything, just in case–what do you do, when that begins to lose its luster (which is immediately)? You pickle something, of course!

It’s the usual one-to-one solution of white vinegar and water, brought to a boil, with salt added (about 1 Tablespoon for every two cups vinegar and water)–that’s the basic brining/ pickling mixture. Here I made bites to accompany Mexican food: carrots, purple onions, cilantro, chopped cabbage, jalapenos, peppercorns, lemon, and a dash of Tajin Clasico seasoning. Keep refrigerated, and eat these little bits of sunshine in just a week or two!

Out the kitchen window

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