A New Place

I fell in love with this stand of dead trees. The animals and birds love them, and we light them at the base at night to mitigate the intense dark of the forest behind us.

I tried to capture a brilliant sunset, but it just didn’t translate well. This is looking West, toward Hood Canal.

It’s been over a year since I posted here. Blame it on a hectic, hurry-up-and-wait move, the pandemic, and just being human. I couldn’t really find the enthusiasm to post; too much was happening, too much was uncertain. But now we’re settled in to our new place, it’s high summer, and I finally pulled out my camera. Right now it’s just a few shots of our surroundings, with a couple of newly-tried recipes to follow in my next post.

This part of the yard stays shady all the time, getting only filtered light on even the brightest days.

Just where that shadow is, is where the bears like to hang out (and yes, I missed two chances to take their pictures!) If you look closely, you can see a buck that likes to graze here.

This tree is so big and tall, I couldn’t really capture its entire height. I’ll work on a better shot. We light this one at night, too (solar lights only, of course!) and it looks a little spooky with some long thin branches like fingers hanging around the bottom of the trunk.

Our first and only sunflower. I didn’t plant a garden this year, but am excited about planning for next year.

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