It’s The Little Things

First, that kimchee was fantastic–better than I could’ve guessed. It’s destined to become a staple in our house!

I’m a big fan of condiments–that pickles, olives, and 400-kinds-of-mustard aisle is my favorite in any grocery–and so I love to have a few homemade ones to liven up a meal. I like to re-purpose containers, when possible, and am a fan of making small quantities whenever that’s feasible, just so nothing is wasted. All the recipes I used are from one of my favorite kitchen books, ‘The Glass Pantry’ Preserving Seasonal Flavors by Georgeanne Brennan, published by Chronicle Books. The emphasis is on making what’s often a fleeting natural bounty last a little longer–and there’s no better time to remind ourselves of the beauty of the garden than when winter threatens to set in for good.

Yesterday I made three from ‘The Glass Pantry’: A simple red chili and thyme olive oil, grilled Japanese eggplant in balsamic vinegar, and garlic pickled in red wine vinegar and peppercorns.

Garlic, chili oil, and something in balsamic brightens any autumn day!

Next culinary stop, a new round of dill pickles!

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